Contest Fun

I love writing contests. I mean, I really really love them! The rules are often challenging, the timelines always tight and creating new work is always a thrill (even the crappy work!). Even better, writing contests connect our kidlit world. It's fabulous to read everyone else's work because there's so much creativity and imagination out there!


So at the last minute, I threw in my hat and decided to enter #FallWritingFrenzy 2020, hosted again by the super fabulous duo of Kaitlyn Sanchez & Lydia Lukidis. The competition challenges writers to choose among 15 "fall" photo prompts and write a 200-word kidlit story (board book thru YA) in response. 


The picture below captured my heart & imagination, although I wanted to write to several of them. And this time, I tried a genre that I don't normally write in (MG vs PB/CB/BB), and wow, did I have fun! My first draft was over 600w! Polishing it down to just 200w (made it 199, LOL!) meant killing some darlings. However...this contest has now provided me with another idea for a current WIP! I already feel like a winner!


I hope you enjoy! Send me an email and let me know what you think. Don't forget to check out everyone else's pieces via Lydia's blog.


Braving The Waters

Graina had no other choice. She had to bargain with the Asrai if she ever hoped to find Declan.


Thus while the villagers shuttered their doors and muted their candles, Graina donned her mother’s cloak and marched to the well. She carefully placed the usual offerings along the wall.


A mug brimming with ale.

A plate of sweet bread.

A blanket of the warmest wool.

But this time, Graina kept the Book of Sidhe.


She threw her last coin into the well, then waited in the dark. Finally, a lithesome figure emerged.


As always, the water spirit inspected each gift. She immediately noticed that something was amiss. She whirled in a frenzy of despair, showering the ground in torrents of water.


Graina stepped from the shadows, shaking both with fear and determination.


“Asrai, I offer barter for this Book.”


“Give that to me,” she hissed, circling Graina like a shark.


“Asrai, you too know of the horrors that stalk the woods, that rage within the rivers. I’ll return your book if you agree to help me. For only together can we rescue your kin, and mine. “


The Asrai stilled. She knew she had no choice but to agree.