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(Clear Fork, 2021)

Written by Jennifer Buchet

Illustrated by Cassie Chancy

Available at Barnes &,, or


*****   "A slitherling delightful adventure!"-L. Kutscera

***** "This book rarely stays on a day on the shelf; the students keep checking it out!"-J Batten, Elementary School Librarian

**** "What a wonderful book about being different and loving who you are! My nephew reads it every night!"-Marie

*****   "Fun & fresh! Jennifer puts a fresh spin on mythology, bringing Little Medusa to modern day life. Her first snake brings all kinds of new problems and obstacles (bugs! scales! stone!). As Little Medusa fumbles her way through her new life, she makes discoveries about who she is supposed to be and who she chooses to be. Adorable story with a great message. The rich illustrations are a perfect companion and I expect to be reading this again and again to the little ones in my life!" -Amchi

*****  "Cute interpretation of Medusa in Greek mythology! With engaging text & colorful illustrations, this story will fascinate young readers!" -J. Boccio

*****  "Readers will root for Little Medusa as she struggles to embrace her heritage & be herself at the same time."  -Jan S

***** "Books that hadn't been checked out for 3-4 years were suddenly checked out! Reading your book encouraged students to find out more.I’m so happy it inspired them to read more Greek myths!"-J. Oliver, Elementary School  Librarian

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