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Contest Fun

I love contests! Participating in them and of course, creating them!


Spring means more fun news! This March, I'm sharing some amazing Mentor Texts for

#MarchOnWithMentorTexts2023. Every day, kidlit writers are sharing golden tips and

great texts to learn from. Hop on over and perhaps even win one of the fantastic prizes!




More contest news... Susanna Leonard's Hill Valenteeny '23 is here! I'm donating a

prize this  year to one fabulous writer! Can't wait to spread the love! 


And stay tuned for information regarding #SunWriteFun23!





                                         Here we go, here we go! The very first #PBPBPP Winners                                               Circle is being announced today!

                                         Drop on by my co-contest-creator's website to see the                                                 amazing pitches & help congratulate the winners





BTW, EVERYONE who entered is a winner our book. It takes guts & hutzpah to put ourselves out there!

And don't forget to share any amazing on recipes over here at our Peanut Butter Potluck page!

Happy Writing!

~Jenny & Karen


Well here we are in February 2021 and we just ate up our Food for Tweets Fun week, with the

first ever #PBPBPP!

Our tables are overflowing with delicious, witty & imaginative Peanut Butter Picture Book Pitches…aka

#PBPBPP (we dare you to say that 5x fast with a mouthful of peanut butter!) We hope everyone has taken some time to scroll through the nearly 100 pitches and enjoy the cuisine cahoots!


Your imaginations ran the gamut from "blanditos" and private eyes to master cooking challenges and birthday surprises. We salivated over recipes and laughed til our sides ached at your peanut buttery puns. Pitches had parodies and mixed-up fairy tales, ferrets, manta rays, dogs and squirrels. We traveled the world from Ghana to South America, dined in school cafeterias, and even time-traveled too! Peanut Butter even soared us to the moon and apparently, can convert to diamonds! (If coal turns to diamonds, how old does the peanut butter need to be?!?)


Thanks to all that participated, Peanut Butter is no longer a quiet, plain, dependable pantry staple! Each and every pitch took this humble spread from the back of the cupboard to center stage on our tables and in our hearts.  


But before we announce the #PBPBPP winners, here are few “nutritional facts* we discovered:


  • Peanut Butter is generally viewed as a Masculine character. Jellies and Jams were typically feminine. Not sure why, but that’s what we noticed!

  • Nearly a quarter of all pitches mentioned some sort of tasty duel or confrontation with other fruit and nut spreads. Maybe that explains some of the strange noises at night in the refrigerator.....

  • While many of the stories anthropomorphized our nutty spread, it was wonderful to read several true-life story ideas that tackled allergies, loneliness and conflicting taste buds.

  • We also loved seeing several comp titles in your pitches, and especially enjoyed your tentative titles!


Tune in before the week's out for the top pitches, & don't forget to share any amazing on recipes over here at our Peanut Butter Potluck page!

Happy Writing!

~Jenny & Karen


Here we go, here we go! Let's welcome the new year with a foodie-fun writing contest, brought to you by the fun-loving, beach-brains of #SunWriteFun!

Kidlit writers are often challenged to bring the intrigue, the excitement, the super-duper fun to ideas or objects that are often...well...ordinary. Dull. BOR-ING. Imagine being tasked to write a book about dryer lint, a poem for plyers or a magazine article about vinyl siding.


Snoring yet?

Well you can't!

Because if you're bored, your writing will be lackluster. And no one wants that!

So to challenge all you amazing writers, Karen & I put together a little pitch contest. Basically, you need to create a pitch that sings, that zings, that makes the reader say "WOW, I wanna read that story!" And the pitch has to be about....


                                                       Peanut Butter

Sweet or salty. Crunchy or smooth. A foodie-fave or a dreaded dish?

Or even a meal at all?? Put on your thinking hats & decide!

But first...

Read all the details here. 

                   (And I highly recommend you read the label... AKA the rules!)

As our Twitter feeds fill with flavor, we'll scour through the pitches & choose our favorite non-fiction & fiction kidlit pitches, hosting a Winner's Wall soon. And if you love a pitch, give it a heart, retweet & tell us why! Winners will receive free manuscript critiques and hopefully, a fab new idea for a brand new story!

Intrigued? Check all the facts here & stay tuned on Twitter! Can't wait to drool over your pitches!


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