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A Little About Me

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5 Fun Facts

Writing for Kids

For the past 10 years, I have been writing non-fiction articles as a feature contributor to Cricket Media, including AppleSeeds and FACES.  I've also amazing opportunities to be a guest panel speaker, such as on #PBPalooza 2020, where I shared some of my more crazy ideas and fabulous roller-coastser writing journey. Several years ago, I also co-created and launched a non-fiction/informational picture book summer contest, #SunWriteFun. The best facets of this contest are not only encouraging other kidlit authors, but making hosts of new friends!

It's important to invest in one's craft. So for me, that means frequent trips to the library (read, read, read!) and keeping informed with the latest industry news. Over my career, I've taken lots of writing courses, always seeking to improve my craft. I'm also active in a variety of kidlit communities, where I exchange ideas, learn from peers, make new friends, and of course, grow with my storytelling! Here are just a few of my favorite groups and organizations:









In no particular order, here are some absurd / interesting / fun facts about your's truly:


1) I really love writing contests! Not only participating in them, but supporting to them and of course, creating them!
2) Jigs, reels & hornpipes--all the way!
3) An ancient castle was once my playground.
4) I'd love to travel in my own TARDIS
5) As a weekend foodie, I love creating and trying new cuisines and flavors, but I'm not a fan of jellyfish or Bleu Cheese.

And of course, I LOVE writing!

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